Sports And Muscle Confusion Technique

Ask any fitness expert about the latest trends in fitness and they are bound to mention the muscle confusion technique.  The best exercise to lose weight will make use of this method. The idea behind this technique is to change up your exercises and workouts to keep your muscles surprised.  Doing the same workout over and over each time you go to the gym can be a detriment because your muscle memory will get too comfortable.  Introducing new activities such as fitness sports is a great way to get in better shape. One program that makes excellent use of this strategy is the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program.

Depending on your gym, there may be several sports that you can easily incorporate while working out.  Racquetball is a very popular gym sport.  The act of hitting the ball works your arm and shoulder muscles in a manner that is different from dumbbells or gym machines.  The movements are also a wonderful workout for your lower body, especially your calves. If your gym has a basketball court, why not play a game as part of your workout every week?  The constant movement is a great way to burn calories, as well as a great workout for the legs.  Your town may also have a league that would be a great way to meet some new people and stay fit at the same time.
Swimming is a terrific full body exercise.  For people who are older or injured, swimming is ideal because it is less hard on the body and joints.  Certain gyms may also offer classes in the pool which are extremely challenging as the water’s resistance feels like a full body weight.  If there is also a water polo group, join immediately.  It’s fun and an incredible workout.  Every inch of your body will get worked out.

Tennis is a great option for the warmer months (unless your gym has indoor courts).  Like racquetball, the motion of hitting the ball is a terrific exercise and the larger area means more calories burnt.  While doubles tennis isn’t as much of a workout, it can be a great alternative for an activity with your friends instead of going to the movies or just hanging out.

Another extremely effective workout is pilates and with the use of a Pilates Reformer, you will have a challenging and effective workout to keep your muscles working, but shake-up your routine to also keep it optimized. If you prefer to have a workout in the privacy of your own home, a Pilates DVD can offer a wonderful advantage while allowing you to skip the trip to the gym. Whether you choose a traditional Pilates program, a Winsor Pilates DVD or even a great yoga DVD, these workouts will keep your muscle memory from getting too comfortable and will also provide the challenging program necessary to keep an effective training program on target.

While trying a new sport, or incorporating a new fitness program, considering the many benefits that rebounding can offer your workout routine. Not only is rebounding extremely helpful in keeping you fit and healthy, but it can also bring a wealth of other health benefits as well. A workout that utilizes a mini trampoline can maximize your strength training and cardio programs.
Changing up your workout is incredibly important and having fun is something that most workouts lack.  Adding sports to your workout combines the two things you need into one package.  For a great weight loss program which can help you lose weight or find the right exercise program, be sure to consider our custom weight loss program for the latest research advice and diet tips.  The Gym Sports Site provides additional ideas about how sports can effectively get you fit. Whether you want to learn how to get rid of love handles or you are wondering how long does it take to get a six pack, there is a weight loss program that can help you.

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