How Your Kids Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve ever wondered if it was possible to lose weight fast, the answer may be more obvious than many of us realize. Have you ever spent time around chilren? Children seem to have a natural, inborn ability to maintain a healthy body weight – that is until we load them up with fast food, processed foods and too much time in front of computers, video games or television. But, that aside, take some time to consider what seems to come natural for kids.

It is amazing to watch little children run around. They are constantly moving, constantly busy. Their attention flying from one thing to the next. It can almost be exhausting to watch. It is amazing that with age we lose that motivation to move. We go for the easy route whenever possible, the one that requires the least amount of movement. Children have some amazing instincts when it comes to living a healthy life, although they may not love to eat all their fruits and veggies we would do well to replicate some of their behaviors. This might be some of the best free weight loss advice around.

1 – Move. As was mentioned before, movement is something that comes natural to children. It’s almost as if they don’t know how to stop. Make movement a part of your lifestyle. Instead of parking it on the couch when you have some spare time, go for a walk. Better yet, go play with your kids outside. There are even some great exercise DVDs available that can help you lose weight not only in the privacy of your own home, but with your kids as well! You might want to consider mat pilates or some other type of exercise that requires very little in the way of equipment or space. Another fun option are the mini trampolines, these will have you bouncing your way to good health, quick weight loss and will also reduce cellulite. It is the burning of calories that is going to help you burn stomach fat and lose the weight you want to lose.

2. Pay attention to your hunger cues. How many times have you seen kids being scolded by their parents because they aren’t eating their dinner. Kids will eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full, unless we force them to do otherwise. Instead of filling your face until your plate is clean, try to notice if you are feeling full or not. Don’t eat just to eat, in fact, you might want to even consider a fast diet to help jump-start your weight loss.

3. Don’t finish your desserts. You know the scene, you are at a child’s birthday party and the kids can hardly wait for the cake to be cut. They fight over which piece they get, hoping for the one with the largest frosting flower. The cake is distributed and moments later most of the kids have abandoned their barely touched cake to go and play. Once again we see that they aren’t focusing their lives around food. They get their taste, they are satisfied, and they move on. We should do the same, this is the ultimate idiot proof diet.

4. Hide your candy. Halloween is quite possibly the greatest child’s holiday of the year. All the candy you want in one night. After the trick-or-treating is over, trades are made, and the candy is hid for fear of the other brothers and sisters hoarding in on their loot. Sure they might remember it for the next day or two, grabbing a piece here or there, but for the most part it is forgotten about soon after. If you are a candy-a-holic, don’t let your treats get the best of you. Hide them from plain sight and only pull them out on sweet needing emergencies.

5. Get some sleep. Kids need sleep. It’s when they grow. For some reason we as adults think that we grow up, and aren’t in need of sleep anymore. This is false. We need it just as much in our old age as we did in our youth. Sleep is when the body regenerates itself. It is when the much needed recuperation happens. Don’t skip your sleep. It’s crucial.

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