Losing Fat with Weight and Flexibility Training

Weight Loss Program

According to a study conducted at Brigham Young University located in Hawaii, people who go through weight training as well as those who add flexibility to their exercise regimen could very well increase their strength gains as much as 50%. Basically, the participants who took part in the study did weight lifting three times per week. They also included stretching activities two times a week with the hopes of seeing tremendous gains.

But does flexibility really help with losing body fat, or is strength training better? Essentially, the answer is that the best results come from a combination of the two. It is common knowledge that resistance training is critical to any exercise regimen. Specifically, weight training is able to increase the mass of the muscles. Also, an increase in muscle mass aids the body and raises metabolism. This means that fat is burned when one is at rest.  Obviously, incorporating weight training in any weight loss program would be extremely beneficial.  Meanwhile, flexibility could help increase one’s ability to create muscle. Once the muscles are flexible, one will be able to lift more, experience faster recovery and help the muscles function effectively.

Believe it or not, when the muscle is stretched, it grows. When one goes through weight training, the muscles become bigger. However, it only becomes big enough as according to the size of the body and the muscle’s location length-wise. When flexibility is added in a specific workout, you are providing the muscles an opportunity to lengthen themselves, thereby allowing them to be bigger or longer from the weight training you do.  This is an important point to keep in mind because as these muscles grow, they need more calories and will essentially help you to burn more fat.  This is a basic premise that is covered in the weight loss for idiots type of program.

Do note that the growth of the muscles is primarily dependent on your stretching activities. Make sure not to forget to stretch your warm muscles – these are muscles which are pumped with blood. Such a warmth allows the muscles to stretch a bit longer and also helps you avoid injury. For instance, a frozen rubber band – when stretched – will pop. Though you might not pop your own muscles if you stretch your muscles while it is cold, you may injure yourself. It is therefore important to do some warm up first. This could be yoga moves or just plain walking.

Still, Yoga is best when it comes to creating long and lean muscles. Also, yoga offers both flexibility and stretching. It also utilizes the body’s natural weight in order to make the muscles strong. It is a full and complete workout for the body. It is highly advisable to do yoga after weight training or after a thirty-minute cardio activity.  Follow these guidelines and you will lose weight, be strong, and feel great.

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