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 Pilates DVD


How to Choose a Pilates DVD

 Many people decide a Pilates workout is a good choice for them and wonder how to get started.  There are a lot of ways to learn Pilates, but a qualified Pilates instructor is paramount; it is absolutely essential that you learn proper techniques.  To gain the full benefits of Pilates you must practice the moves correctly, this will allow you to quickly gain the results and long-term body/mind integration Pilates is known for.  Learning proper adjustments to alignment and techniques requires a knowledgeable instructor capable of training you in mastering these elements of Pilates.  You can have the advantage of a qualified instructor by signing up for Pilates classes, or choosing a good Pilates workout DVD. 

With a Pilates DVD, you can have a Pilates workout with a qualified instructor right in your own home, day or night.  There are many good Pilates DVDs available that can teach you how to balance, tone, and strengthen your entire body.  Another benefit of using a DVD is you can easily review proper techniques and positioning.  This can be extremely helpful when you’re first learning how to do the Pilates exercise correctly.  


Types of Fitness DVDs

The large variety of fitness DVDs, Pilates DVDs and even yoga DVDs can seem confusing at first.  The sheer number of Pilates, yoga and general fitness DVDs is enormous and requires some thought to choose the exercise DVD that’s right for you. There are DVDs that teach moves and techniques, some demonstrate the proper use of different Pilates equipment, such as the Pilates reformer and balls while some will show you how to choose a Pilates mat.  If your goal is to lose weight, you might want to consider adding a Winsor Pilates DVD to your weight loss program.  With the use of Dynamic Sequencing Techniques, specific exercises performed to an upbeat rhythm, Winsor Pilates makes losing weight fast and enjoyable.


Which Pilates DVD is Right for You

Choosing the right DVD for your workout is easy when you know what to look for.  Your Pilates DVD should feature a qualified instructor offering a complete exercise program.  There are DVDs to fit any skill or fitness level and most offer a variety of levels on each DVD.  If you choose a DVD that uses Pilates equipment, such as balls, circles, towers, and more, be sure you have the necessary equipment or you’ll be disappointed when you can’t complete the workout.  It’s also important to not skip elements of a Pilates exercise because each session is designed for a complete body/mind workout and skipping exercises can compromise the benefit of the entire workout.  


How to Get the Most Out Of Your Pilates DVD Workout

The Pilates Reformer is probably one of the most popular and effective Pilates machines.  If you choose to purchase a Pilates Reformer, be sure to watch the instructional DVD to learn the proper and safe use of this impressive piece of equipment.  

To maximize your results and enjoyment of your fitness program, be sure to vary your workouts by using a variety of Pilates DVDs, equipment and machines.  Keep your workouts fun and learn new techniques or exercises to add more interest and appeal to your Pilates exercises.  

You’ll soon begin to see results in how you look, feel and move and you’ll understand why Pilates has become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world!

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