Some Excellent Fat Burning Workout Ideas

In order to burn fat and lose weight,  diet is important, but so is exercise. In fact, the best way to lose belly fat, or any kind of fat, is with a weight loss program that combines both a healthy eating plan with a good exercise program. While you can lose weight simply by cutting back your calories, the healthier and more sustainable way to lose weight is by adding exercise to your routine. Some of the best weight loss tips have to do with learning how to eat properly as well as getting the right types of exercise to burn fat as quickly as possible. However, with all the possible exercises, fitness programs, and different ways to get moving, which ones do you focus on? To help you get off to a great start, here are some useful fat burning exercise tips that will get you going:


1) Intensity matters. You’ll burn more calories and get more health benefits from the exercise if you make sure to keep the intensity up.

2) Try adding interval training to your workouts. This is when you alternate periods of higher intensity work with periods of lower intensity recovery.

3) If you’re in great shape, sprints and rests are a great way to incorporate intensity and interval training in your workout.

4) Everyone at every age can benefit from weight training. No matter your physical condition or health goals, strength training is a must. We all lose lean muscle mass as we age, and strength training can help stop or reverse  the trend. This is crucial because the amount of muscle mass we have in our body largely determines how many calories we burn simply by existing. By increasing this amount of muscle, through strength training, we are essentially creating little fat burning cells throughout the body, increasing the amount of weight we lose.

5) Make sure to give your body adequate rest periods between workouts. You need to let your body recover, regardless of what kind of workout it is. If you don’t want to skip a workout, a light cardio day can accelerate healing and recovery, so try a walk or a light bike ride.

6) Have fun. You won’t stick with your program if you’re not having fun, so make sure to do activities that get you motivated for reasons outside of the inherent health benefits.

One really fun and effective workout is The Bar Method exercise DVD. This program combines a strength training and fitness program together with the health benefits of yoga and Pilates. There are many excellent workout programs, but the Pilates DVD will also provide a very effective way to get rid of cellulite while toning, tightening and strengthenng the entire body.

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