Wu Long Tea: Weight Control And Overall Health Tonic

Tea is second only to coffee as the world’s most popular drink.  It has some of the same properties that make coffee so popular.  It is a comforting beverage that is pleasant smelling with a flavor that is delicious whether it is served warm or over ice and it has the ability to deliver a little energy boost when needed.  However teas the world over have more medicinal and health benefits associated with them than coffee ever will. Numerous studies have been done on the health benefits of drinking tea as well as tea’s effectiveness when used in conjunction with a weight loss program.

China has given us green tea and black tea. Green tea and weight loss seem to go hand-in-hand as study after study confirms the effectiveness of green tea for weight loss.  Wu Long tea, which is also known as Oolong tea, also comes from China and is part of this same family of teas in terms of taste and oxidation.  Oxidation is part of the fermentation process.  Wu Long tea is placed directly in between green and black tea for its level of oxidation.  There is a floral or wood like taste to Wu Long that makes its flavor distinctive.  This is also the most popular tea served at most Chinese restaurants.     Wu Long tea of late has been highly touted as a natural alternative to slimming tablets and weight loss pills.

Wu long tea’s weight gain regulator ingredient is called polyphenol. It is also responsible for the tea’s flavor and other health benefits such as its ability to lower blood pressure, raise metabolism, strengthen the immune system and give your skin a natural glow. It has even been found to promote good oral health; these health benefits are all derived form the polyphenol in Wu Long tea.  With people all over the western world panicking about their figures, Wu long tea has come to save the day for those wanting to lose weight.  Some people don’t even know about the other health benefits mentioned, they are just looking for the best way to lose belly fat and finally get back to a disireable weight.

After about 20 days of drinking this tea noticeable changes to your skin are typically visible.  If you’ve ever wanted to bring about that natural glow to your skin or you know someone who has it and have wondered how you can get it yourself, look no further.  Wu long tea can do the trick.  It is recommended to drink this tea in the morning and at night before going to bed.  It is also reported to reduce tooth decay and enhance metabolism and the anti-oxidants will also help to help strengthen the natural functions of the immune system. If you want to know how to lose belly fat and reap a host of additional health benefits at the same time, consider adding tea to your daily diet weight loss efforts.

Brew this tea in its loose leaf form to get the best results.  It is also recommended to space the time of consumption of tea and meals  to fifteen minutes.  A Japanese study reported that test subjects that drank two cups a day had a 157% greater weight loss results with Wu Long Tea as opposed to Green Tea and weight loss.  Drink Wu Long Tea for a healthy life and lose belly fat at the same time.

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