Restricted Calorie Diets: Do They Work?

The basic principle of weight loss is simple: burn more energy than you eat. If you do this, then your body will slowly start to eat away at the fat it has stored and your weight will begin to fall. However, the human body is a very complicated thing, and some things which seem like common sense can, in reality, do much more harm than good over the long term. Follow a few simple weight loss tips and you will discover the healthiest and quickest way for cellulite reduction as well as to lose weight.

What is a Restricted Calorie Diet?

A restricted calorie diet is exactly what it sounds like. It is a diet where you limit the amount of calories that you put into your body. The idea behind this weight loss program is easily explained. The less energy you get from your food, the more energy you must take from your body’s fat reserves. As these fat reserves are drained, you lose the fat and along with it your excess weight. Utilizing a restricted calorie diet is certainly the best way to lose belly fat and can help you achieve quick results.

Why would they work?

To a certain extent, restricted calorie diets do work.  Plenty of dieters have reported that they are able to lose weight with a restricted calorie diet. The body is eating up its fat in order to make up for the lack of food. Over the short term, this can be a very effective method, in fact anyone looking for tips on how to lose belly fat, often find the restricted calorie diet the quickest and most effective method to lose belly fat, as well as losing weight overall. However, when it comes to long term weight loss, a restricted calorie diet is simply not effective, at least a diet that has severely restricted caloric intake.

When do they not work?

Restricted calorie diets are a very poor choice for long term weight loss. The reason for this can be summarized quite simply: your body adjusts to the amount of food you eat. When you eat less food your body will, at first, begin to burn its fat. However as the diet continues your body’s metabolism will actually slow down, causing it to need less food for your day to day activities.

Additionally, people often have intense cravings and feelings of deprivation during a restricted calorie diet. This makes it very hard for most people to stick to the diet faithfully for more than a few months. Once they do break from the diet, people have a tendency to start bingeing food and gaining back the weight. By using dietary supplements such as HCG drops from any pharmacy in Canada or the U.S., you can make your dieting far more effective than by using only a restricted calorie diet.

There are many different weight loss pills and diet aids available today, and using HCG weight loss drops or injections has been shown to be extremely effective in helping people to drop pounds quickly. While some people might be squeamish about using HCG injections, research has found that using oral HCG is just as effective as the injectible form.

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