HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss Diet

The HCG diet has become extremely popular in recent years because of its ability to bring fast weight loss in what often seems to be a medically sanctioned or approved weight loss program.  However, there are many medical doctors who will not use HCG for weight loss purposes even though it is completely legal. It is important to understand that while HCG is used medicinally for some medical conditions, the FDA has not approved it as a weight loss product. This is the main reason why some doctors are hesitant to administer this weight loss diet.

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone which plays a direct role in regulating metabolic function. This hormone helps increase metabolism and release stored fat from cells in the body so that they can be quickly expelled. In order to keep these fat cells from taking on more fat, a very low calorie diet is absolutely necessary while following the HCG weight loss diet protocol.

Most people who follow the HCG weight loss diet report losing one to two pounds each day. Factors which can help increase the rate at which the HCG diet helps you lose weight is to include a salad with every meal as well as increasing vegetable intake overall. Fiber and water are two very important components for quick weight loss with the HCG diet.

The HCG weight loss diet includes a very restricted low-calorie eating plan (500 calories), as well as a strict avoidance of many personal beauty products, such as lotions, etc. Anything that would introduce additional oils or fat into the body is carefully monitored.

There are various other HCG weight loss diet plans; one popular plan by Kevin Trudeau utilizes Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a weight loss supplement. ACV has been shown to help people lose belly fat fast and offers many health benefits at the same time. Including raw coconut oil has also been shown to be an effective and healthy supplement for those who are on a weight loss plan.

HCG injections for weight loss are approximately 125 IU up to 200 IU of HCG and are administered either through a medical or weight loss facility, or they can be self-administered. Many people prefer to be part of a medical weight loss clinic while following an HCG weight loss plan. HCG is legal to purchase for individual use, but can not be resold. If you purchase HCG for your own use, be sure you are buying from a reputable source and that you fully understand how to administer the injection.  They syringe used is extremely small, so there is relatively little discomfort.

It is important that plenty of water be taken during any weight loss plan, especially when following diets for quick weight loss. When fat is removed, toxins are released and these need to be quickly flushed from the body. Drink water throughout the day and add several cups of green tea for added benefit. This weight loss tea will help you lose belly fat fast, keep your metabolism burning fat, and it will provide heart healthy green tea benefits at the same time.

Adding exercise and additional physical activity throughout your day will also help to keep your body burning fat in conjunction with your HCG weight loss program. Exercise does not have to mean spending hours in a gym or exercise class, it can be anything that keeps you moving. Try one of the many great exercise DVD programs or get a rebounder for maximum benefit. The rebounder is fun and can kick up the best weight loss program while keeping your metabolism on overdrive.

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