Green Tea Weight Loss Health Benefits

When considering a weight loss program, it is often helpful to evaluate the different components that are offered which can give a little edge when it comes to fast weight loss.  Even the small things can help when the pounds don’t seem to want to budge and there are some very effective weight loss tips and techniques that can be used quite successfully, if you know which ones are truly effective. Don’t follow all the gimicks and hype, much of the “too good to be true” hype is exactly that. However, one of the best weight loss supplement products that has gained a lot of attention recently is the green tea weight loss tea. This tea has been shown to not only increase the metabolism of fat and help lose belly fat fast, but there are also many additional health benefits of green tea.

Studies show us that green tea weight loss works by increasing our metabolic rate, which in turn increase energy expenditure in the body (EE), and through dissolving fat in our blood. There are plant substances found in other kinds of plants that have this same effect too, but not without side-effects, such as increasing the heart rate. In fact green tea is 100% safe, unlike high doses of caffeine or diet pills that contain ephedrine.

Beside weight loss, the plant compounds in green tea also helps to protect us from heart disease, by keeping our artery healthy, reducing high blood pressure, reducing elevated cholesterol levels and keeping the blood thin, This is great, because such health conditions go hand in hand with being overweight.

What it comes to losing weight there are really only to ways to do it

1) Increasing energy expenditure (EE), which means burning more calories. This is done by increasing physical activity levels and/or using substance that increase the metabolic rate.

2) Simply by eating fewer calories each day than the body uses.

Green tea weight loss works by method #1 above, by increasing EE. Research shows us that drinking 5 cups of green tea is the desired amount to increase our metabolism by 4%, enough to burn an extra 80 calories. Alternatively we can take a green tea extract supplement that harnesses the green tea weight loss plant compounds in the form of a tablet, capsule or liquid extract, this is a great way to help lose belly fat.

In addition to putting a little ‘fire’ behind the metabolism, the compounds in green tea also help to dissolve excess fat in out blood, a kind of fat called triglycerides. When we eat a meal, and that meal contains more energy than we need, the excess energy is converted to triglycerides in the bloodstream. These triglycerides then hang around in the bloodstream just incase they need to be used for energy a little later. If they don’t get used then they get deposited as fat cells! The great thing is that green tea helps to dissolve some of the triglycerides before they get a chance to become fat. So this is basically the method behind the green tea fat burner process.

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