Why You Shouldn’t Take Protein Supplements

Many people like to workout and are looking for information on how to get a six pack. Oftentimes, the recommended method of obtaining those flat defined abs will include the use of weight loss pills or other supplements. Many people who work out make use of protein supplements, but is this really necessary? While it is certainly necessary to follow a reasonable weight loss program and concentrate on an exercise or weight lifting program designed to help you reach your goals; however, it is always wise to be cautious and know the facts about any supplements you plan to use. 


You’ve heard the warnings. Every year more people are diagnosed with kidney damage and even failure, relegating them to years of kidney dialysis treatment in hospitals away from their family and friends. Most of them are elderly, of course. But more and more people are going in at younger ages, and the number will only continue to grow as the effects of mass protein supplementation are made apparent.  

Protein is a necessary component of your diet. The human body requires it for many of its internal processes: from building various tissues including muscle, skin, and even hair to the regulation of hormone release. But like anything, too much protein can lead to problems. And you don’t need as much as you think, even if you’re putting in serious time at the gym.  

Your kidneys, along with your liver, are the prime system for your body to filter and flush out harmful and excess material from your bloodstream, removing it from your body via urine.  

And most Americans already get more protein than they need, even for athletes (which most aren’t). Bodybuilding experts recommend between 1.6 and 1.8 grams of protein for each kg you weigh, as your daily consumption limit. Count up your protein intake for the next week, and you’ll probably find that you’re already there, if not above the recommendation. Do you really need to add more protein in the form of supplements to make your surplus even worse?  

Too much protein can lead to painful and sometimes debilitating gallstones, kidney damage, liver damage, and kidney failure if taken to its extreme. And there is nothing those expensive, popular supplements can do for you that real food can’t. If you need a solution that is extremely dense in protein and low in fat, try egg whites. Vegan or don’t like eggs? Try quinoa, lentils or tofu. Not only will avoiding protein supplements help you to escape potential kidney damage, but you’ll save money too. 


Whether you are a body builder or just trying to find the best way to get a six pack abs physique, attempting to reach your goals following a weight loss for idiots diet or supplementation plan needs to be thoroughly evaluated for both the risks and the benefits. 







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